College girl pooping

Hot and blonde college girl in sketched skirt looks really innocent, but she is a real pervert deep inside who loves to surprise and shock her surrounding. She is all sweaty after her workout so it’s time to take a shower. She slowly takes off her top, nice and extremely short skirt, her underwear and gets in the shower finally. Watch the drops of water sliding down her sexy silky skin, touching her shaven pussy, making this babe literally wet. Her fingers start to work automatically – oh yes, this babe knows for sure how to please herself, she really wants to cum now. But suddenly another desire appears while she is fingering her ass– she wants to go to the restroom and poop, but is not sure if she can hold it. So after this hottie gets out of the shower, nothing is in there, but a nice accurate smelly turd of shit.

Title: College girl pooping

Duration: 2:01

Submited by: Scatman

Category: teen

Added on: May 31st, 2011

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  1. By: pandyandy375


  2. By: remiss

    I like shit of girl in my mouth!

  3. By: hamed

    i like shit girls

  4. By: whitegirlstoiletbowl

    l love you, Beautiful teen gorgeous white girl! You are gorgeous killer hot. I’m a dumb beaner boy & you are so perfect & precious. I would give my life to you & worship you forever. I dream of being close to girls just like you. I’m just worthless & dumb spic-boy so you can use me & abuse me. I will be your potty slave. Its my honor to be your toilet & swallow all your precious princessy girly poop & pee & girly dirty tampons & anything else you wanna throw in me. Because i worship you, you are so hot & make me so horny. I wanna lick your booty ass so bad 😀

  5. By: shitholeman

    why dont you eat your shit baby……..

  6. By: Lennon

    I like shit girls

  7. By: Hamed2


  8. By: Hamed2

    What is her name? cause I wonder…

  9. You’re nasty because go to the bathroom to poop in the tolit not to poop to eat or use someone to be a slave wtf is wrong with you all .


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