Girl forced to eat shit

Two of those hot milfs who look much younger then they really are, are kinky perverts. That’s what makes them really good friends – they have a lot in common. But the main thing that rejoins blonde and brunette hotties is the fact that they like to dominate. So once in a while they find themselves a cute and hot slave, and then they do what they want with innocent victim. Now they have a very young and very hot girl who had no idea at the very beginning that she will just be a toy for them. Nothing else, but an animal who is going to eat their shit and drink the pee of those mature dominators. They do not care if she likes the taste and stuff that is going on around her – all they care about is their own pleasure, and they get the most of it molesting and humiliating young slaves who are so dumb and naive that they go with strangers.

Title: Girl forced to eat shit

Duration: 2:01

Submited by: Scatman

Category: slave

Added on: June 20th, 2011

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    ben fetişistsim 22 yasım


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