Toilet guy pooped and puked

This guy has always dreams about having sex with many girls at once. And this time when a group of hot chicks seduced him, he was hoping to get a real pleasure. But they ruined his self assurance and made him please all of them, without even thinking of his satisfaction. This guy had no idea something like that can happen to him but when he faced it – there was absolutely no way to escape. Those hot and sexy girls appeared to be real perverts and they began with humiliation. One of the girls began with really crazy stuff – she made him swallow her shit. Guy felt terrible but if he wouldn’t have done what she said – who knows what would have come to her mind of real pervert? So he was attached to the floor, absolutely helpless, watching girls spit, puke and poop on him.

Title: Toilet guy pooped and puked

Duration: 2:02

Submited by: Scatman

Category: puke

Added on: June 14th, 2011

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